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Ashby Plant Hire

Standing out from the crowd

Ashby Plant Hire are a plant hire company based in Norwich.
Ashby Plant Hire Norfolk Web Design

The situation

Ashby Plant Hire approached me to build a website that did two main things:

1. Stand out from the many plant hire companies in Norwich.

2. Generate plant hire enquiries through their new website.

The solution

The solution was to build a bold, stand-out website using Ashby’s brand colours and photography that I had captured on-site with the team. The second focus was based on building a website that was SEO-friendly and would rank well for related keywords over time.

However, the most important focus was to ensure the website was built with a quality user experience, design and content to convert a website visitor into a plant hire enquiry.

The result

This resulted in three Top 3 Google rankings for target keywords, and a website that generates consistent new enquires.

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