How To Write Website Content

How To Write Website Content 1

You’re ready to embark on your new website project – how exciting! Now, it’s important to ensure the website content (text) is spot on.  I believe that the most beautiful website with bad content is not going to perform well (and vice versa). So, this short website content writing guide will help you write content […]

Break Down Barriers and Sell More Stuff

How To Write Website Content 2

I was deep in conversation with a potential client last week. When I talk about websites, marketing, sales psychology and topics alike I get very excited and ramble on… passionately. On this occasion, I was explaining that I feel websites should break down barriers in a potential customer’s mind. In my eyes, when a potential […]

How My New-Client Enquiry Process Works

How To Write Website Content 3

When you’re looking for a website designer or agency it can be a fairly daunting task. Some companies have fixed price packages, others don’t mention price at all until the final stages. This blog will talk you through the stages in my enquiry process. AKA the process we’ll go through when you enquire about me […]

8 Of The Best Stock Image Websites for Your New Website Design

How To Write Website Content 4

I generally try to steer clear of stock images where possible. But, stock images can be the perfect way to get your website up and running. Especially if you’re a new business since it’s cost effective. If you want to really make an impact it can be better to use original high-quality photos. I can […]

4 Tips For Providing Helpful Feedback On Your Website Design

How To Write Website Content 5

When working with a web design company on your new website design you’ll almost always have the opportunity to provide your feedback on your website throughout the process. When working with Semibold, you’ll have multiple opportunities to provide feedback on your new website design. But, providing feedback isn’t easy when web design isn’t your trade […]

How Long Will It Take To Build Your New Website?

How To Write Website Content 6

If you’re looking to work with Semibold, or another web design company one thing you’ll definitely want to ask is… “How long will it take to build my new website?” It’s a tough question to answer. It’s like asking a construction company how long it’ll take to build a house. Without the construction company asking […]

My 10 Step Web Design Process For New Clients

Norfolk Web Design Todd Pitcher Designing Website

When we build your new website we’ll go through my tried, tested and refined website design process. This process is fairly unique and different to how other web designers work. But, it’s a process that’s designed to be efficient, simple and more importantly ensure the best quality website for you. 1. Content This phase is […]

Why Is My Business Named Semibold?

How To Write Website Content 7

This week alone I’ve been asked 4 times why I chose the name ‘Semibold’ when I started my web design business. It’s a great question and it’s something I love to be asked. If you’ve ever pondered on the same thought, this blog will explain why. Previously a graphic designer I started off in the […]

Why I’m Different to Other Norfolk Web Designers

How To Write Website Content 8

There are 1000’s of Norfolk web designers. Which is excellent since it forces differentiation and encourages us web designers to remain on our toes. But, this may make it difficult for you when choosing which web designer in Norfolk to build your business’ new website.  If asked the question “what do you do?”, I’d simply […]

What I’ve Learned After 2 Years as a Norfolk Web Design Company

Norfolk Web Design Company Learnings

I’ve been in business as a Norfolk web design company for over two years now, and before that, alongside my full-time job, I did freelance work as a graphic designer for businesses dotted around Norfolk. It’s fair to say it’s been bloody tough at times but whether I knew it at the time or not, I’ve relished […]