10 Reasons You Might Need A New Website

If you’ve already got yourself a website and think to yourself, “yeah that’ll do”, this complacency can be the difference between falling behind your competitors or staying ahead of the pack. Ensuring your website design remains an asset to your business is the key to success.

Today I’m going to run you through some of the indicators that’ll you need to look out for that will suggest your website might require some TLC.

1. Your website visitors are not converting into enquiries/leads

It’s all well and good having people visiting your site, but if these visits are converting into sales, the bills won’t be paid! Take a step back and think, why are they leaving the website? Is there too much or too little information? You’ll need to know the answers to these questions.

2. You feel full of envy and jealousy when browsing your competitors’ websites

Need I say more?

3. You keep saying to yourself you’ll get around to it

Nearly all of us are guilty of prioritising another task when things are busy, however, it can be a lot costlier if you do so when it comes to getting your website redone.

When the leads start to slow down, you might regret not getting your website sorted sooner.

4. Your website isn’t responsive

Most of us find it a lot more convenient now to browse on websites when we’re on our smartphones, and we’ve all felt the pain of browsing onto a website only for it not to be optimised for mobile. It really affects the user experience, so it’s crucial for your website to be responsive.

5. Your business has changed or is changing

If your business is merging from one industry to another or is in the process of a takeover, it might be worth considering a new website design to ensure the information and design is relevant, accurate and effective.

6. You’re ashamed or embarrassed by your website

If you feel embarrassed about your website, it’s very likely that visitors your website aren’t feeling all that impressed by it either.

7. Your website has dropped down in search rankings

SEO is an ongoing task that’s never truly ‘complete’. If your rankings have started to slip, it might be a result of competitors working on their SEO and your business’ website being left behind.

It could be time to bring your website design and structure up to date and have a focus on SEO from the outset to help future-proof your website.

8. Your website is confusing visitors

On average your visitors should know what to do within 7 seconds of visiting the website. If instructions are clear or signposts are vague, rather than spend time working everything out for themselves, they’ll simply go elsewhere.

9. You’ve changed your branding

If you’ve got a new face to the business, you’re going to want this to reflect on your website as well as in your logo and on your social media pages. Keep it consistent!

10. Your website is slow to load

In the days of dial-up connections, we had a lot more patience when waiting for a website to load. Now people won’t want to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load so if your pages are slow to load, chances are you’re losing potential customers.

Hopefully these ten points today have made things a little clearer for you should you have been a bit undecided as to whether your website was in need of a rebuild.

If you’ve got any questions or want to talk to me about your website plans get in touch.