4 Tips For Providing Helpful Feedback On Your Website Design

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When working with a web design company on your new website design you’ll almost always have the opportunity to provide your feedback on your website throughout the process.

When working with Semibold, you’ll have multiple opportunities to provide feedback on your new website design.

But, providing feedback isn’t easy when web design isn’t your trade nor your expertise.

It’s just like how I would struggle to provide feedback on a plumber‘s work.

So, this blog will help you provide feedback to your website designer and ensure your website project is a roaring success.

1. Provide examples

You may feel like a particular page or section isn’t quite to your taste and requires a few tweaks.

It can be hard to communicate your desired changes since design is largely subjective. So, it can be worthwhile providing examples of websites/styles you like when compiling your feedback.

A quick Google image search as well as checking out websites such as Awwwards can provide you with some excellent examples.

2. Be as descriptive as possible

This point is simply about providing as much detail in your feedback and desired changes as possible.

Rather than using a phrase such as “please make the website bolder”, describe what you feel would make the website “bolder”.

Here’s what might be better, “please use bolder fonts and contrasting colours on X pages/sections.” Just a little bit more context makes all the difference and reduces the chances of further revisions, saving you time and money.

3. Provide your feedback on time and in one hit

You’ll get multiple opportunities to provide feedback on your website design when working with me (Semibold). To ensure that feedback is translated into relevant and necessary revisions it’s important feedback is provided on time and in one go.

Whether you’re providing feedback in person, over the phone or via email, if you can take the time to compile feedback with your team and peers and provide this feedback on time and in one hit, it makes life so much easier for both of us.

Here’s why; if you provide all of your feedback in one hit we can ensure all feedback correlates and make the relevant revisions.

If feedback is dripped in as changes are being made, some of the feedback can clash and ultimately confuse the website’s direction.

Once again, it also streamlines your website design project and ensures your project is delivered on time.

4. Be aware that not all suggested changes will be made

Now, I know that sounds scary but it’s actually entirely for your benefit.

I build websites day in, day out, and I’ve found what works well on a website in regards to style, fonts, design, positions, structure etc.

I’ve discovered a basic framework and fundamentals which make my client’s websites really perform.

So, every element of your website is designed in a certain way for a reason. Therefore, if you request a change which I think would negatively impact the success of your website I would suggest an alternative and explain why I’ve built/designed the website in that way.

The thing is, it’s your website and you have full control over how it should and will look. However, as a web designer who’s worked with over 50 businesses in Norfolk, I know what makes a website successful and I want to ensure that your website makes your business a success.

Ultimately, I’m here to help you provide the perfect online solution for your business, but I’m also here to guide you through that process and use my experience and knowledge to build a website that is successful.

So, if you want a website design experience which is inclusive, easy and actually enjoyable (so say my clients), I’m your man.