8 Tips to Get More People to Subscribe to Your Email Marketing List

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Email marketing is known for getting huge ROI, 3800% in fact. 

With returns like that you’d think everyone would be doing it, right?

Well, that’s not the case. There’s still a lot of small and medium-sized businesses who don’t utilise the power of email most likely to the perception that getting people to subscribe to your emails is really difficult.

Getting people to subscribe doesn’t need to be hard – here are 8 ways to get more email subscribers.

Make your email marketing sign up visible

On a lot of websites, you see the email sign up form tucked away in the corner, almost as if it’s shameful and needs to be hidden!

On the other hand, here’s our email sign up form.

Email marketing agency Norfolk form sign up

Now I’m not saying ours is perfect. We’re testing new things all the time. But it’s common knowledge that if you make your form more accessible you’re more likely to draw more attention to the form and consequently get more subscribers!

Website pop-ups

Website pop-ups are boxes, forms or information that (as the name suggests) pop up on your website.

Pop-ups are extremely attention grabbing and can be an easy route to secure an email subscriber.

If you’re unsure how to add a pop up to your website speak to your web developer or get in touch.

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Content marketing

Giving free content away in return for an email address allows you to gain a new email subscriber and build trust with your audience by gifting valuable content.

The types of content you can give away vary hugely on your product/service and your target audience. However, two strong ideas to consider are e-books and online video courses.

Boast about your email list numbers

As you gain more email subscribers you can be bold in your email sign up techniques.

Why not (subtly) boast about your list size?

For example: “X people have subscribed to our ‘Monthly Discount Newsletter’. Why haven’t you signed up yet?”

Discount/incentive in exchange

One of the email sign ups I’m personally most susceptible to is the discount or incentive sign up.

Broadly, this is when you exchange your email address for a discount or incentive which will become available to you immediately after sign up. This method is proven to be extremely effective as 60% of people sign up to email lists when there’s an incentive.

One such example is “20% off your next order when you sign up to our newsletter”. No brainer, right? Type in your email address, 10 seconds later you have your own 20% discount code in your inbox.

This isn’t limited to e-commerce businesses, this technique can be adapted to product and service businesses.

Make your email list something people want to be part of

Why should people sign up to receive your emails? Seriously, why would they want another email in their inbox?

These questions are vital for fuelling your emails ‘brand’, as such.

It doesn’t have to be a ‘newsletter’. For example, our emails are known as The Marketing Digest – ‘Marketing news, tips, and trends that allow you to get ahead of your competitors’. Sign up to The Marketing Digest.

Now it’s not perfect, but it certainly portrays more value than ‘the weekly newsletter’ (or similar).

Give your emails a little more thought. Why should people sign up? What’s in it for them?

Ask for testimonials from your subscribers

Once you’ve got the email marketing ball rolling, ask your subscribers for feedback or testimonials on the emails they’ve been receiving.

If you’re providing value in your emails you should receive some testimonials that encourage more people to subscribe to the list.

Spread these testimonials in all of your marketing and add a CTA to subscribe.


One of the most simple ways of getting email signups is by creating a competition.

Share your competition on social media, your website, and your other marketing channels. Make it clear what the prize is and that to be in with the chance of winning the user should enter their email and subscribe to your emails.

But, be careful with this one. It’s no use having people on your list who are not your target market. This is why offering a prize of £100 (for example) may not be a good idea if you’re a Business Consultant.

Instead, try to create a prize that is still very desired yet relevant to your product or service. So following on from the example of a Business Consultant you could offer a day of free coaching.

Abide with data control laws

With all of your email marketing it’s important you abide with data laws and do relevant research on these laws if you DIY. You can read a bit more about these laws here.

Go get those subscribers

Try out some of the email marketing subscriber techniques mentioned here, tweak and test them to find out what works for you.

On the other hand, we’re always here to help you get more sign ups and make email marketing work for you. Feel free to get in touch for free email marketing advice.