Break Down Barriers and Sell More Stuff

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I was deep in conversation with a potential client last week.

When I talk about websites, marketing, sales psychology and topics alike I get very excited and ramble on… passionately.

On this occasion, I was explaining that I feel websites should break down barriers in a potential customer’s mind.

In my eyes, when a potential customer lands on your website they need to be convinced that you or your business is worthy of buying from.

As humans, when someone is selling to us our guards go up and we go into a defensive mindset, thinking of all the reasons to not buy/enquire/book, etc.

These are what I refer to as barriers.

Breaking down barriers

Now, in order to convince your potential customer to enquire, buy or book, you need to break down these barriers and ultimately leave no element of doubt in their mind.

Your website plays a big part in this.

What are their barriers?

Think of your customers and the conversations you have with them pre-purchase. What are their main questions/doubts?

If you provide a service, these are a few common examples:

– How much does it cost?
– How can I trust you to do the job well?
– What examples do you have?

If you sell a product:

– Why is your product better than X competitors?
– Do you do returns?
– When will I get my product?
– What do other people think of your product?
– Why is it right for me?

How to tackle these barriers and smash the crap out of them

It’s honestly very simple once you’ve worked out what your customer’s barriers are; it’s just a case of erasing doubt from their minds.

So, let’s go back to the service-based business example. One big barrier your customers will cross: “how much does it cost?”.

If you’re not answering this question on your website, the barrier will remain, and your potential customer may not want to get in contact with you.

This is often due to fear of rejection, or fear of embarrassment if their budget is too low. But, it can also be due to other reasons.

So, to combat this specific example, tell them how much it costs.

It’s as simple as that.


If you break down these barriers on your website, it can encourage your potential customers to feel comfortable and confident when enquiring/ buying from you.

That’s all for today folks.