How Blogging Gets You More Customers

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Blogging has been around for years. When it first came about everyone seemed to jump on the bandwagon. There was so much content being posted online that it became harder to stand out and harder to make blogging a successful marketing channel for businesses.

But, don’t let that fool you. Blogging does get you more customers.

It has done for Semibold and myself. Blogging can get you more customers too.

Here’s how:

Blogging helps SEO

It’s no surprise that regularly updating the content on your website makes Google smile. Search engines love fresh, keyword rich content.

In fact, adding a blog to your site will increase your chances of ranking on search engines by 434%.  It’s hard to argue with that stat.

What happens when Google is loving your content? You’re likely to creep up the search engine rankings. This leads to more organic clicks and therefore more leads. Win, win.

Blogging builds trust

Blogging about relevant topics that relate to your product/service as well as informing, educating and entertaining your readers means you’re likely to develop a trusting relationship with them.

Think about it, if you’re looking for a “Norfolk web design company” or anSEO company Norfolk” (for example) and you find a company which blogs regularly with relevant content, you’re going to trust their expertise much more than a company which doesn’t back up their expertise with blog writing.

Blogging shows a behind the scenes view point

People love a nosey. Your blog is a brilliant opportunity to open up with your business, provide a ‘behind the scenes’ view.

You can do away with the company front and be a little more open.

People buy from people. Your blog is a brilliant place to be open and transparent and show some of the bits your audience don’t usually see.

For example, if you’re offer Campervan Hire Norfolk, you could write a blog with images which demonstrates “How we convert our VW vans into campervans for hire.”

This blog could show the stresses and successes of a typical day. As I said, this openness will allow your audience to connect with you on a different level.

At the end of the day, we’re all just people – opening up in your blog can lead to forming great relationships with your audience.

Blogging facilitates retargeting

When you blog and create rich, valuable content people end up on your website.

This could be through clicking a link to your blog on social media or organic search, for example.

This is a perfect opportunity to start retargeting people who’ve visited your website with ads. This can be done many ways but I’ve found using the Facebook Pixel alongside Facebook Ads is really effective.

When you install the Facebook Pixel on your website it gathers data on the users that visit.

You can use this data when you set up Ads on Facebook and target people who’ve already been on your website.

This is incredibly effective since these people who’ve read your blogs and visited your website have shown a genuine interest in your business and your product/service.

Retargeting these people with Ads ensures your business stays in their minds and can lead to you converting more prospects into customers.

Blogging drives traffic to your website

Finally, blog writing/posting drives traffic to your website. This one is really simple. Getting more people to your website gets your business and brand in front of them.

Once they’re on your website they’re likely to have a mooch around. If you set up your blog with links to other relevant pages on your website people will start to progress through a journey.

Most of the time these people will simply leave the site, they’re probably not ready to buy yet. This is when you use retargeting (as mentioned above). However, occasionally they’ll end up on your contact or purchase page and convert into customers.

And it all started from a blog post.

We are Norfolk blog writers

As a company, we blog a lot, it works incredibly well and it’s great to be able to share marketing tips and insight to help small and medium-sized businesses in Norfolk.

We also offer blog writing as a service. We know blogging helps to get businesses more customers. Blogging has a number of positive effects on your business and your customers and it’s definitely something your business should be doing.

With blog writing you could DIY, or get us, blog writers in Norfolk, to write your search engine optimised, heavily researched blog posts for you.

It won’t cost you an arm or a leg either.

Get in touch to see how we can help you with your blogging strategy.