How Much Does SEO Cost? Search Engine Optimisation Pricing.

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How much does SEO cost?

I’ve personally heard prices ranging from £100 to £10,000 per month.

Getting prices for SEO can be intimidating because there really is so much variation in the SEO ‘market’.

But, it’s important to realise that the price isn’t necessarily the important factor, it’s the return that’s important. This means if you were getting £10,000 of business each month (on average) from your website as a result of strong rankings, you’d quite happily pay £5,000 each month for the SEO work.

Now, that’s not to say we charge £5,000 a month for SEO, in fact, we’re miles below that. It’s just worth understanding the fact SEO is an investment when done correctly.

How is SEO priced?

The main ways SEO tends to be priced is hourly, fixed retainers and per project.


This is common amongst SEO agencies and SEO freelancers who serve smaller businesses which can’t afford to be committing to a long-term SEO campaign.

Fixed retainers

This is the model we work with. We charge a fixed fee each month to constantly monitor and work on your SEO campaign. We feel this is the best model as it allows us to constantly improve and strengthen, where project-based SEO and hourly SEO doesn’t.

Per project

This model basically breaks down SEO work into stages. For example, on a large website with > 1000 pages, you may be quoted a project quote for on-site search engine optimisation.

Who charges what?

When comparing SEO companies in Norfolk or the anywhere else for that matter you’re likely to encounter SEO freelancers, small SEO agencies and medium-large sized SEO agencies.

Naturally, due to the size of each business, their offering and their case studies, you’re going to pay a different price for each service.

SEO freelancers in Norfolk

The freelance SEO’s I’ve spoken to in Norfolk typically charge around £175 to £250 per month for an ongoing SEO retainer.

Small SEO agencies in Norfolk

The small SEO agencies in Norfolk I’ve come across are charging between £250-£500 per month for SEO.

Medium-large SEO agencies in Norfolk

Medium to large sized SEO agencies that I’ve spoken to charge £500-£1,500 per month for an SEO management campaign.

Now, it’s worth noting that these prices aren’t set or definite. From my experience in the online marketing industry, these are the prices I’ve found.

This article is purely to help you understand rough, ballpark figures for SEO and what you get for the investment.

What affects SEO prices?

Your objectives

What is it you want to get from your SEO campaign? Do you want to rank highly for “Boiler installations in Watton” or do you want to rank highly “Online Marketing Agency”? Obviously, the latter is much, much more competitive as you’re attempting to rank UK-wide rather than just ranking in the local area.

The larger and more daring your objectives, the more work and skill your SEO campaign will require, therefore the higher the price.


How competitive is your market?

For example, if you’re in the gambling industry your market is very, very competitive. Therefore, once again to rank your site it’ll take more skill and more work. Thus, the price is higher compared to attempting to rank for “Campervan Hire Norfolk“.


How quickly do you need results? If you need to be ranking high within just a few months, this will require a lot more effort and focused SEO work than if you’re willing to ride the SEO wave and consistently grow into the higher rankings over a longer period.

The SEO provider

Finally, who is providing your SEO work? As mentioned above, you’ll pay a lot less for SEO from an SEO freelancer in Norfolk compared to a large SEO agency in London.

It’s not just the size of the business providing the service but also the case studies they have as well as the skills and experience of the SEO team.

How much does Semibold charge for SEO?

As mentioned earlier, we find the fixed retainer model the most effective for consistently ranking websites over time. Our SEO packages start at £228 per month and are designed to be suitable for all Norfolk and UK businesses.

Want to find out what investment is required to begin your business’ SEO campaign? Get in touch here and we’ll provide you with research into your website, industry, competition and opportunities available for your business in terms of SEO. It’s all no-obligation and totally free!