How My New-Client Enquiry Process Works

When you contact me to discuss a new website for your business, you’ll go through my tried and tested enquiry process.

Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds.

It’s just a few simple steps we’ll take together to allow me to understand your business, goals, requirements and ultimately ensure I can deliver the smashing website you’re after.

It’s also an opportunity for you to ask me questions, see my relevant work examples and of course receive a quote, or quotations if you’d like additional quotes for different functionalities.

So, when you give me the nod to indicate you’d like to chat about a new website, here’s what we’ll do.

1. Book a discovery call

When you’re interested in a new website, we’ll first book a time for ‘discovery call‘ (more info in step 2). I’ll also send you a few helpful links that’ll show relevant websites I’ve created and other information that you’ll find handy.

2. Discovery call time

By this point, you’ve booked a discovery call with me by using my online booking scheduler. You’ll have chosen a date and time and received an email confirmation. I’ll call you at your desired time and we’ll chat about your project, needs, competitors, goals and more. You can also ask any questions you might have. Typically this lasts between 20 and 40 minutes.

3. Time for me to research

We’ve had our discovery call, and now I go away with the information I’ve learned and do research into your competition, websites you like/dislike, specific functions you require and anything else that we’ve covered in our discovery call.

4. I’ll provide you with a quote(s)

By now, I’m 100% confident I know what you need and that I can deliver just that. If I don’t feel I can deliver what you need (which is rare), I’ll be straight about it. I care too much about my reputation to deliver a half-arsed product. I’ll let you know and recommend you to someone more suited. Anyway, now you’ll receive a detailed quote(s) for what you require which outlines what is and isn’t provided within the quote(s). This will be sent via email 99% of the time. I keep it nice and simple, no bullshit, just here’s what you’ll get, and here’s how much you’ll pay for it.

5. You’ll choose what quote suits you best

You’ll take a look at the quotes and will be buzzing to work on your new website alongside me and we’ll get cracking.

6. I’ll send an onboarding email

When you’ve given me the nod, I’ll send over an onboarding email with 1-5 simple and easy steps including a deposit invoice which is for you to take care of. Nice and simple.

7. We get started!

When these little bits are sorted we’ll be well away and I’ll get to work on your brand new website. This is where the real fun starts!

What are you waiting for? Get that discovery call booked here.