Is WordPress good for SEO?

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“Is WordPress good for SEO?”

That’s a question I’ve heard a few times to say the least. The answer is YES! WordPress is very good for SEO. WordPress originated as a blogging platform meaning it’s been built for content. And what do search engines like? Content… Especially if it’s newly updated!

WordPress is what’s known as a CMS, a content management system. It’s the most popular CMS in the world, used by almost 60% of the world’s websites.

But, why is WordPress good for SEO?

Speedy websites

Search engines place a lot of emphasis on website load time when ranking websites. Website load times are a key part of Google’s illusive algorithms. WordPress, out of the box, is a nippy CMS, so it’s suitable for the experienced website designer or web design beginner.

But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care with your WordPress website speed. Your website’s load times are influenced by the content on your site. This includes your website theme, media and overall file sizes. So ensure you use tools such as Tiny Png and WP Fastest Cache to keep your website speedy!

Easily customisable meta data

WordPress generally provides clean, simple code but WordPress also allows you to manipulate meta data and other key on-page SEO elements. You have full control over your URLs, title tags and meta descriptions. So, with WordPress you’re able to tailor your website to your target keywords.

Super powerful SEO plugins

As WordPress website designers we’re incredibly impressed with the selection of WordPress SEO plugins. Our personal favourite is Yoast SEO, however we also have a lot of time for SEO Press. Both plugins help you optimise your on-site website content and provide suggestions to further develop your on-page SEO.

The best thing about the WordPress SEO plugins is that they allow for SEO beginners to begin optimising their WordPress website without having to immediately invest in an SEO agency in Norfolk, like us.

WordPress websites are easily crawlable for search engines

WordPress has a very simple framework and internal structure, meaning it’s link structure is simple too! This makes it very easy for search engines to crawl your website, index the pages and rank them too.

SEO support

Since WordPress is such a hugely popular CMS, there’s so much free SEO help out there. From WordPress SEO guides to Yoast SEO for beginners, the help you need is most likely hanging around on Google right now!

This makes WordPress the perfect website design CMS for SEO beginners and SEO experts.

The WordPress web designers offering WordPress SEO

In summary, yes WordPress is good for SEO!

So, if you have an WordPress website that’s lost deep in the search results, it’s not WordPress’ fault.

You have 3 choices:

  1. Accept your website will remain in the darkness of page 6 on Google and not get the leads you deserve
  2. Learn beginner’s SEO using content available online and implement your learnings to your website
  3. Allow us, the Norfolk WordPress SEO enthusiasts who are experienced in working with over 50 Norfolk businesses, get your website ranking on Google and generating the leads you need from £228/month