Marketing Agency, Marketing Freelancer or Marketing Consultant in Norfolk?

Marketing agency, marketing freelancer or marketing consultant in Norfolk

The marketing world is confusing. I can understand why it’s hard for businesses to know whether to choose a marketing agency in Norfolk, a marketing freelancer in Norfolk or a marketing consultant in Norfolk. Or could it be that the best option is actually to DIY?

What is Semibold?

It’s funny really. I’d say we’re a mix of a marketing agency, marketing freelancer and marketing consultant; the three all rolled into one.

Semibold; a marketing freelancer in Norfolk?

The reason for this is that technically Semibold as a business is ‘just’ me, Todd. I’m the only official person in the business. At this point you’d assume I’m an online or digital marketing freelancer.

Semibold; a marketing consultant in Norfolk?

I provide and offer a marketing strategy service to businesses in and around Norfolk. This is where I collaborate with Norfolk (and UK) businesses and take a thorough look through their business, their current marketing, and see how this can be improved to better target their audience and reach their goals. This would fit the tag of marketing consultant.

Semibold; a marketing agency in Norfolk?

However, the big twist comes when I say I have a team of superstar freelancers.

I’ve carefully headhunted a team of marketing freelancers who specialise in a specific area of marketing. Whether they are a Facebook Ads freelance specialist, an email marketing freelancer, or a branding freelancer; each member of my team is no stranger to getting my clients results.

So what’s best for you?

Honestly, it depends on a mountain of factors. However, I’d say probably a mixture of all 3.

Of course I’d say that right? Since Semibold is a mixture of a marketing freelancer, marketing consultant and marketing agency.

But, I mean it.

The way in which I’ve structured Semibold does two things:

Keeps marketing costs down for you and for me.

I don’t have employees to pay each month. This means I’m able to keep my costs down, and this means I’m able to charge lower fees for you.

Think of it as marketing agency service at a marketing freelancer price.

Provide specialists in each area of marketing

There’s no way it would be feasible to have a specialist in each area employed by Semibold. There’s so many areas of online marketing that we cover that it’d be too costly. We’d have to employ marketing generalists. Jack of all trades.

Obviously, this would mean that the level of our service and work would decrease.

That’s certainly not an option.

So with Semibold, you’re getting work done by specialists in each area of the marketing field.

This ensures you get the results you deserve from your online marketing campaign.

Where now?

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