My 10 Step Web Design Process For New Clients

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When we build your new website we’ll go through my tried, tested and refined website design process.

This process is fairly unique and different to how other web designers work. But, it’s a process that’s designed to be efficient, simple and more importantly ensure the best quality website for you.

1. Content

This phase is all about gathering the content we need for your website. This stage can vary slightly depending on whether you’re producing your own images and text, or if you’re using a copywriter and photographer that I’ve introduced you to.

But generally, the principle remains the same in that we’ll produce or gather all of the text and images to go on your new website.

2. Homepage

Once I’ve got all of the content we need to build your site, I’ll get to work crafting your website’s homepage. I will build your website on a separate domain so if you already have a website this can remain up and running.

3. Homepage feedback

When I’ve completed the homepage I will send you a link via email for you to take a look. You can take your time to go through the homepage and will provide me with a bullet point list of things you’d like tweaked.

4. Homepage feedback implementation

I’ll action the changes to the homepage and send you the final homepage link via email. At this point, you’ll confirm you’re happy with the homepage and we’ll move onto the rest of the website.

5. Rest of website

Now you’re happy with the homepage I’ll use the colours, fonts, structure and style to design and build the website’s remaining pages.

6. Rest of website feedback

Once again, when this is complete I’ll send you a link to the fully functioning website which is still on the separate domain. I’ll request your feedback again.

7. Rest of website feedback implementation

I’ll action the changes on the website and get everything absolutely spot on for you.

8. Testing and final additions

When you’re 100% happy I’ll get to work on implementing SEO fundamentals such as internal page linking, meta information, alt-tags and speed optimisation. I’ll then thoroughly test the website.

9. Final invoice

I’ll send you the final 50% invoice for the website. Once this is settled I’ll move onto the website transfer, which is moving your new website onto your website’s domain.

10. Making your website live

It’s THE big moment! I’ll get your new website up and running on your domain and you can shout from the rooftops about your brand new website design.

As simple as that

That’s my website design process in a nutshell. Of course, it varies slightly from project to project but this is the framework I generally stick to.

If you think this process would suit you, get in touch with me today to ignite the website design process with a free discovery call/meeting to discuss your goals and see whether a new website will boost your business.