My 10 Step Web Design Process For New Clients

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Every web designer or web design company has their own process/workflow. When you’re approaching a web designer to discuss a new website design it’s so important you ask about their process and how they/their company works.

To keep it nice and simple for you, I’m going to detail exactly how I work with my clients and how we might work together when building your website.

1. Submit a discovery form

When you approach me (Semibold) requesting a new website the first thing I suggest is we spend some time going through your business’ goals, current situation, your website ideas and more.

To do this, I’ll send a discovery form to you. This is a quick online form that’ll have a few questions about your business, your current situation and ideas for the future. This is vital to help me understand exactly what you want and need.

2. Discovery call/meeting

Once you’ve submitted your discovery form. We can have a quick call/meeting to discuss your answers and answer any questions you have for me.

The purpose of this stage is to give you an idea of if I’m the right web designer for you, as well as making sure we’re 100% on the same page.

3. Free quote/proposal

If we agree that I’m the right web designer to help you, I will provide you with a written proposal/quote with a few options (if necessary). This will be.

I’ll answer any questions you may have and you’ll say yes or no and we’ll proceed in either direction.

4. Content

If you’ve decided to go ahead we’ll first need to collect and create relevant content. It might be that you’ve opted to use my website copywriting and photography services meaning that I can produce all of your website content for you.

On the other hand, if you’ve chosen to provide your own content (website copywriting, photography, videos etc.) you’ll send over the content via or another method that suits you.

5. Home page

At this point, I have a thorough understanding of your needs, what you like and what you don’t like. So, I’ll use the content from the previous step and build your website homepage.

6. Home page feedback

You’ll be given the opportunity to provide feedback so we can get the style, content, design where you want it to be. You’ll provide me with a list of suggestions (if necessary) and I’ll go through and make the changes until you’re in love with your homepage.

7. Design and develop the rest of your website

Now you’re loving your homepage and we’ve nailed the style. This homepage will be used as a content and style guide throughout the rest of the website. That way we know you’ll love the final outcome.

8. Final feedback

You’ll then have the chance to provide me with your final thoughts and feedback on your full website. Once again, I’ll make the necessary changes.

9. Testing

Now you’re happy with your website, I’ll spend time testing all of the intricate details, making it super-fast and ensuring your on-site SEO is up to scratch.

10. Launch

It’s THE big moment! I’ll get your new website up and running on your domain and you can shout from the rooftops about your brand new website design.

As simple as that

That’s my website design process in a nutshell. Of course, it varies slightly from project to project but this is the framework I generally stick to.

If you think this process would suit you, get in touch with me today to ignite the website design process with a free discovery call/meeting to discuss your goals and see whether a new website will boost your business.