The Tools I Use to Run My Website Design Company

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I often find myself talking to other business owners about the tools I use to streamline my website design business’ workflow.

It makes sense for me to simply dump my business’ armoury of tools and explain how I use each part to run my website design business.

Let’s get right into it.


I’m a sucker for lists. Trello is the perfect platform to organise my business development as well as client projects and deliverables.

Trello is an online platform known for its lists and cards which can be customised with various add-ons. For me, a few of the more important features are the ability to assign cards to team-members and set due dates on these cards.


(The link above is an affiliate link). PipeDrive really is the hub of my sales. PipeDrive is a sales CRM that allows me to track my leads, communications with clients and suppliers, workflows and my sales funnel.

PipeDrive also allows me to take bookings online, for example, here’s my discovery call booking form.

Adobe CC

Beginning my journey in business as a graphic designer, Adobe CC is a must have in my business toolbox.

Adobe Creative Suite is where I create my social media graphics, edit my videos, compress website images and so much more.


Email, the communication channel of choice for most businesses is powered by Gmail for Semibold.

The platform syncs beautifully across the web and mobile apps. This coupled with its gorgeous UI makes it the weapon of choice when it comes to email.

Google Drive

Being a website design company, I have a lot of files that need to be organised. These files also need to be shared across the team, so, Google Drive allows us to do that.

Google Drive is our choice for cloud storage. You’ve probably guessed by now, I’m a bit of a Google fanboy.

Google Calendar

Another essential bit of Google kit, the Google Calendar. Seriously, my day starts by recapping on my Google Calendar which contains my schedule. It’s a lovely tool which syncs across all of my devices and it’s great for inviting guests to meetings and events.


CampaignMonitor is my current email marketing software of choice. Having gone through multiple platforms including MailChimp and Klaviyo I’m pretty sure I’ve found an email marketing platform which suits me and my clients.


My website hosting software of choice. Siteground is an ultra-reliable WordPress website hosting platform which super-fast servers and excellent support. Here you can see some reviews on SiteGround.

MacBook Pro

I work very remotely, travelling to meetings, networking events and generally getting about as much as possible having a reliable, portable working device is paramount.

It’s a lovely bit of kit. However, recently I have been exploring alternatives including the Dell XPS. Maybe I need to reign it in.


Nowadays, I’m either building a website, in a meeting, at a networking event or on the phone.

Since I’m on the blower so often, it’s important I’m comfortable. My AirPods help me do that. However, I may have recently jeopardised my love affair with AirPods with my most recent technology purchase…

Huawei P30 Pro

I’ve recently switched from an iPhone 6s to the new Huawei P30 Pro. This was a big risk considering I’m so heavily sucked into the Apple ecosystem with an iPhone, AirPods and a MacBook Pro. But, what a great decision!

It’s not the tools, it’s how you use them

I hope this blog has satisfied your interest. These tools have been great for me, however, I’m always looking to improve on my tools, processes and workflow. So, no doubt these tools will change in the near future.

A big point I will make is that you can use all of the best tools but without a good strategy for pulling everything together you won’t benefit from the tools individually.

It’s not the tools, it’s how you use them.