How to Design a Website That Really Generates Enquiries

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It’s almost an unwritten rule that if you’re in business you should have a website.

But, it’s no good having a website if you don’t get business from it.

I’ve spoken to numerous Norfolk businesses who say they’ve worked with a web designer in Norfolk, got their website built, but aren’t getting anything from it.

Unsurprisingly, this can be quite disheartening. It’s even made some of the people I’ve spoken to question whether a website is even important.

A website is vitally important for the majority of businesses. The thing about websites is that they market your business 24/7. No employee can do that for you.

Of course, I’d say that considering I operate a Norfolk web design company. Let me prove it to you.

Swift Boilers: Swift came to us with a website that was very old and outdated and was getting them absolutely no business. We redesigned the website with a real focus on converting more users into enquiries through a neat quote builder functionality. In the 3 weeks after we launched, they received £8,000 worth of enquiries through the site.

Mortgage Republic: Mortgage Republic came to us with a website that wasn’t all bad visually but wasn’t getting the enquires. We rebuilt the site, installed a call CTA throughout, considered the user journey and rewrote the copy to be conversion focused. This has since resulted in consistent telephone call enquiries.

Now you know there is power in having a website which is designed to get more business. Let me give you a few tips to ensure your website is getting you the enquires you need.

1. Copywriting:

Your website copywriting is definitely something that shouldn’t be an afterthought.

You could have the most beautiful website but if the copy doesn’t sell your business/product/service you won’t get the right enquires.

Think of your perfect customer. Your website copywriting should be written as if you’re talking directly to that person.

Next, no one gives a monkeys what you do, how long you’ve been in business or what awards you’ve won.

What people care about is what you can do for them. How will your product/service benefit them?

No one cares we’re a Norfolk web design company or that we offer SEO services. What they care about and want to hear is that we can rank their business above their competitors and get them more enquires through their website. It also helps if you can back this up. Just as we do in our projects page.

2. Get your website found:

This is probably the most important tip in this list. The reason for this is you could implement all of these tips but without getting your website found it’s all a waste of time.

It’s no surprise you need to get people onto your website in order to convert them into customers/enquires. So to do this you can rank your website with SEO, post links to your website on your social media, including a link to your website in your print marketing and even your link to your website in your email signature.

So, make sure your website is easy to find. Don’t let it go missing!

3. Consistent call to action:

You need to know what you want your website visitors to do.

  • Do you want them to purchase from your website?
  • Do you want them to call you?
  • Do you want them to request a callback?
  • Do you want them to email you?

You have to be clear on this so you can ensure your call to action is consistent and clear throughout. Human’s attention spans are so short that if you make this vital step even the slightest bit confusing your visitors won’t hesitate to click off your site and choose a competitor with a website which has a clear call to action.

4. User journey:

Once again, just make it easy.

As mentioned earlier, we, as humans, have rubbish attention spans so just make your website experience easy for your visitors.

Look at your website as a journey. Your visitors will (usually) land on your home page. So from here, you need to include links and CTAs to the most important areas on your website.

Secondly, condense what you can. I see so many businesses with sub-pages and sub-pages within. It’s just not necessary, it only creates another click for your visitor which could be reduced by reducing the content to fewer pages.

5.  Use videos

Adding videos to your website homepage increases the likelihood your visitors will stick around for a little longer. Therefore, reducing the website’s bounce rate.

We all love a video, that’s why our social media channels are stuffed full of them. So, using video on your website will increase the time spent on the page and encourage the visitor to go further into the website which increases the likelihood of conversion.

On top of this, video is an excellent way to communicate in a way text on a website can’t. The video itself can aid conversion by selling your product/service further.

6. Make it responsive

This one’s simple. Make sure your website is responsive. Mobile website browsing is ever growing, far surpassing desktop use so having an unresponsive website design could result in you missing out a huge amount of potential enquiries.

7. Grab people with headlines

With human’s attention spans being shockingly short, you literally have a matter of seconds to persuade your website visitor to stay on your website and progress further.

Your headline should accurately tell people what you sell and make them feel something.

What makes you want to read on more?

The second version encourages the user to trust the expertise of the company within seconds.

Get more enquires through your website

This blog post details a few ways to ensure your website design gets your business more enquiries.

If you feel your website design isn’t up to scratch and isn’t getting you enough enquires, get in touch with us, the Norfolk web design company.

We have a proven track record with getting Norfolk businesses more business through effective, conversion focused web design and strategic digital marketing services.