How Long Will It Take To Build Your New Website?

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If you’re looking to work with Semibold, or another web design company one thing you’ll definitely want to ask is…

“How long will it take to build my new website?”

It’s a tough question to answer. It’s like asking a construction company how long it’ll take to build a house.

Without the construction company asking questions like, “How many rooms?”, “Where is the plot?” and “Are there any specific requirements”, it’s hard for the builders to narrow the timescale down.

This works exactly the same for web design.

If you were to ask me “How long does it take to build a website?” I’ll ask questions like, “What is the goal of the website?”, “What functionality does the website need?”, “Will you need to take payments or sell products?” etc.

This being said, after working with over 50 Norfolk businesses in just over a year in business, I’ve become very good at estimating the average website design duration.

Landing page

Occasionally I’ll have a new or existing client need a landing page to generate leads.

Firstly, what is a landing page? A landing page is one page that can operate alone. This meaning it contains all of the information and functions necessary to educate the landing page visitor and persuade them to convert.

Despite being a single page, landing pages need to be spot on the ensure they perform correctly meaning.

Landing page design duration: 2-4 weeks (on average)

Standard brochure website

A standard brochure website is my bread and butter when it comes to website design. However, don’t let the ‘standard’ fool you. My websites aren’t standard, or template-based, they’re pretty damn good, so say my clients and I.

What I mean by ‘standard’ is a website that is mostly text, images and buttons, without extended functionality e.g. visual quote builders (I’ll get onto this).

These websites are primarily designed to generate more leads and enquiries for service-based businesses.

Standard brochure website design duration: 4-6 weeks (on average)

Additional functionality

By additional functionality, I mean website functions that go above sliding images, basic contact forms and click-hover effects.

As something you’d usually bolt-on to a standard brochure website or landing page. The total project duration would be:

Standard brochure website design duration (4-6 weeks) + Functionality design and development = Total project duration.

Additional functionality is something that needs to be done specifically for you, this could be:

  • An online quote builder, like Swift Boilers.
  • Pulling through data from an external source/software your business uses.
  • A site survey/appointment booking function.

The list could go on, and on.

Additional functionality is custom to you and is designed to do specifically what you need, therefore additional functionality has no average duration.

Additional functionality duration: Varied


An e-commerce website has the ability to take payments and sell products. E-commerce websites take longer than standard brochure websites for a number of reasons. To name a few:

  • Taking payments online requires a lot of security and this means testing the website thoroughly and ensuring it’s watertight to protect you and your customer’s details.
  • Naturally, taking payments requires integration with payment merchants e.g. PayPal and Stripe, which again, takes time and testing.
  • The websites tend to be bigger since they have products on many pages.

Again, the average duration depends on a number of factors with two main ones being the number of products and what additional functionality is required.

E-commerce website design duration: 10-12 weeks (on average)

Additional services

A big positive of working with me and Semibold is that I’m able to provide a full website design service.

By this I mean I can take you from nothing to a website design with professional photography of you and your team, as well as SEO-ready, conversion focused copywriting.


If you’ve opted to have a professional photography session provided by Semibold, we’ll book in a date to visit you on-site, in your offices or at a location of your choice for a session lasting a few hours, half a day or a full-day.

Once the session is complete it’ll take around 1 week to edit the images and get them back to you.

Photography (website design add-on): 1 week (on average)


If you’re simply too busy to write your own website content or you want your copy to appease the search engines and win over your website visitors, you may choose to go for Semibold’s website copywriting service.

You’ll receive a form where you can answer around 12 questions (taking no more than 20 minutes), and we’ll do the rest.

Your website content will be written, sent to you for approval and added to your website.

Copywriting (website design add-on): 1 week (on average)

Entirely bespoke

As mentioned before, every project is different and everything is bespoke. Therefore, project durations do vary slightly.

However, this guide should give you a solid idea as to how long your website project might take.

However, to get an accurate website design project timescale, get in touch.