Why Should You Be Ballsy in Your Marketing?

I meet with a lot of business owners and I often find myself advising they’re more ballsy in their marketing.

Ballsy? What do you mean?

The definition of ballsy is ‘courageous and spirited’. But, in a marketing sense, I see ballsy as daring to be different and stand out.

How can you be ballsy in your marketing?

There are many ways to stand out and be ballsy in your marketing but a few of my favourites are below:

Openly compare your business to your competition

I was speaking to a health and safety company a few weeks ago who find themselves competing with ‘household names’.

They’re a small fish trying to swim with whales, but they have a service which is completely different from their competition.

So, I advised them to directly compare themselves with the big players by producing content. By content I mean shareable media such as blogs, social media posts and videos.

This is truly ballsy. A small, newly formed business producing content which educates their audience as to why they’re a better option than the ‘household name’ companies.

There’s no doubt that you compare your business to your competition.

I wouldn’t mind betting there are aspects of your business, product or service that you believe makes it a superior choice to your competition’s.

It may be price, quality, uniqueness, or a whole host of other factors, but what matters is that you shout about it.

Be ballsy. Openly compare your product/service to your competition’s.

Share opinions

You have opinions and so does your business. Your business’ opinions are based on your business’ values.

So, why not share these opinions with your audience?

When I ask my clients this the biggest pushback I get is that they feel it may be unprofessional or put potential customers off.

First of all, you can have an opinion and still be very professional. Just be careful not to sound slanderous.

Secondly, yes, your opinion isn’t going to align with every single potential customer. But, we’re humans, that’s to be expected.

However, when we share opinions and beliefs with others were able to build rapport and trust. If you share your opinion with your audience and a majority of your audience feel your opinions align with theirs, they’ll feel a connection with the business.

As a result of this, potential customers will feel a sense of rapport and are more likely to purchase from you than your competition.

Take a different approach

If your competition focuses on online marketing why not focus on offline marketing?

If your competition post straight, business-focused posts on social media why not try posting humorous content such as memes and cat pictures?

Those are just two examples of how you can take a different approach.

This point simply means taking a different route to your competition. If you aren’t taking a different approach to your competition you’re simply working hard to blend in. Be ballsy instead.

Why should you be ballsy in your marketing?

Now you know what my idea of ballsy marketing is and ways you can implement it into your business. But, why should you be ballsy in your marketing?

If you continue to do the same stuff as your competitors, nothing sets you apart from your competition. You’ll appear the same as your competition to a potential customer. You’ll simply blend in.

So, be ballsy, stand out and get more customers.