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White-Label WordPress Support

If you’re an agency or fellow freelancer looking for help with WordPress websites, look no further. I can help your clients with anything WordPress related, whether it be a fix or a brand new design and build.
Todd Pitcher Norfolk Web Designer

What I can do for you

Website updates

If your client’s WordPress website needs some additional pages or content, I can help with an hourly basis (£48/hour) or for a fixed price. I’m quick, efficient and good at communicating with you and your clients (if requested).

Integrations + additions

Need to build onto an existing WordPress website? I’ve got bags of experience with adding new functionalities and integrating various systems and third-party applications with WordPress. Again, this can be done on an hourly or fixed rate basis.

Design & build

I can work on a white-label or direct-to-client basis to build brand new WordPress websites for your clients. Whether it’s a complete design and build, or building based on designs provided by yourself, I’ll get the job done excellently.

WordPress hosting & maintenance

Does your client have a WordPress website that needs hosting and/or looking after? My WordPress website maintenance service will keep their website running smoothly.

Quick-fire questions

I know I’m not the only freelance web designer in Norfolk. So, why me?

1 – I’m happy to work on a white-label or direct-to-client basis.
2 – I’ve worked with a number of respectable agencies and freelancers in Norfolk.
3 – I’m a WordPress + WooCommerce specialist, not a web design generalist.

My hourly rate is £48, but I am also happy to provide fixed quotes for mini-projects or website builds.

Learn more about my capabilities

Want to learn more about the services I can provide for you and your clients? Click the links below.

WordPress website design

You’ve probably got it by now, but if not, I build shit-hot WordPress websites that get you more sales, enquiries and bookings. Click the link below to see the types of websites I build and guideline prices.

Website hosting & maintenance

Your website is like a car, it needs its oil changed, tyres pumped and other general upkeep. My immensely affordable website maintenance packages take care of everything from website hosting and domains to plugin updates and problem-fixing.
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