Why I’m Different to Other Norfolk Web Designers

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There are 1000’s of Norfolk web designers. Which is excellent since it forces differentiation and encourages us web designers to remain on our toes.

But, this may make it difficult for you when choosing which web designer in Norfolk to build your business’ new website. 

If asked the question “what do you do?”, I’d simply answer “I am a web designer”. But in truth, I feel that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The websites I build are designed to get you more business

I tend to put it like this:

“I build websites that get you the results you want. Not just look pretty.”

Before I offend, there is nothing wrong with Norfolk web designers who focus on building the most attractive website possible for the budget the client has. Seriously, I sit and marvel over some of the web designer’s website designs I’ve seen, I’m a designer at heart after all.

BUT, I approach web design differently. I believe the main purpose of a website for more small and medium-sized businesses across Norfolk is to get more calls and enquiries from potential customers. 

So, that is my entire focus. I build websites that get you more calls and enquiries from your ideal customers.

How do I build websites that get you more business?

It’s a pretty bold claim I know, but I have a wealth of case studies to back that claim up.

For example, Swift Boilers, who came to me with an old website that wasn’t being found. After a month of launching their new website, we generated £8,000+ of enquiries. Pretty good going.

But, how do I build websites that are designed to convert visitors into potential customers?

Sales and design psychology

I have an intense interest in sales psychology and have invested a LOT of time learning how design can influence buying decisions.

I spent years before I even launched my business, Semibold, learning how small design changes and tweaks can affect the conversion rate and ultimately the number of customer enquiries you receive from your website or landing page.

After years of learning, testing, breaking and tweaking I’ve found a few fundamentals of website design which have enabled me to build websites that get my clients results.

Honestly, the fundamentals I apply to my website designs are no big secret, nor rocket science. But, they’re tried and tested and work again and again.

Get the website in front of the right people with SEO or Google Ads

Once I’ve designed a new website for my client, I then help them get their new lead-generation machine (website) in front of their ideal customers with either SEO or Google Ads.

If you speak to any of my web design clients they’ll tell you how much I would’ve rambled on about how you can’t have this:

  • A non-conversion-focused website with lots of the right website traffic
  • A conversion-focused website with no/little of the right website traffic

Instead, you need this:

  • A conversion focused website with plenty of the right website traffic

So, SEO and Google Ads get your website in front of your ideal customers and generate the calls and enquiries you want.

Do you want a website that is just pretty or one that gets you more business too?

In summary, I’m different to a lot of Norfolk web designers since I build websites that are focused on lead generation and ultimately getting you more business, rather than just being design focused.

So, when choosing what web designer to use to build your business’ new website, ask yourself “Do I want the most attractive website for the money or do I want a website that gets me more business?”

If it’s the latter, I’m your man.

If you’d like to chat about your new web design, football or real ales contact me on:

01953 528500

[email protected]